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Bring your kidney health back on track with Dr. Kavitha Gone

Dr. Kavitha Gone is regarded as the best nephrology doctor in Hyderabad. She leads Bright Kidney Center and holds over 15 years of experience in Nephrology. Dr. Gone has worked internationally in teaching hospitals in the UK, with a haemodialysis population of approximately 470, and peritoneal dialysis population of 100 and a transplant unit performing between 120-150 transplants per year. In India, Dr. Gone has been associated with several reputed hospitals such as Innovate Clinics and Continental Hospitals.
Dr. Gone’s extensive experience in managing Acute Kidney Injury in Intensive Care Units has earned her city-wide recognition. Her areas of clinical expertise include: Haemodialysis management & complications Peritoneal Dialysis management & complications Vascular Access procedures Renal Transplantation & post-operative care Chronic Kidney Disease management Autoimmune related Renal Disease Drug related Renal Disease


Why choose Bright Kidney Center?

Right Expertise

We have the right expertise with the right skills to help you with your kidney care issues and give you right advice.

Personalised Treatment

We at BKC offer personalized treatment for each patient to achieve the best outcomes in disease management.

State of Art Facility

We have a state of art haemodialysis unit which has been specially designed to meet the unique needs of those with chronic kidney disease.

Bright Kidney Center’s Expertise

We combine cutting-edge technology with unmatched medical expertise to offer the most optimal treatment plans for our patients. Sme of our services are:

OPD Consultation

We have full-time nephrology experts available for consultations regarding any kidney issue.

Peritoneal Dialysis

Our team of trained nurses helps you receive dialysis in a safe, comfortable and hygienic manner

Nephrology Services

Receive world-class treatment for all urology related issues, from kidney stones to transplantation

CKD Treatment

If you suffer from chronic kidney disease, our expert Nephrologists can help you overcome CKD and live a fulfilling life

Renal Transplantation

Looking for expert renal transplant care? BKC offers end-to-end renal transplant options for patients with end-stage renal disease.

Kidney Biopsy

Our in-house pathology team can help you come closer to a diagnosis by carrying out a kidney biopsy in a hygienic and safe manner


Receive a smooth and hassle-free haemodialysis procedure at our clinic with our trained technicians and nurses


If you are suffering from hypertension related kidney issues, our doctors will work with you to create a personalised treatment plan

Diabetic Kidney Disease

Protect your kidneys from the damaging effects of diabetes with a comprehensive treatment from our expert nephrologists.