Bright Kidney Center’s
OPD Consultation
We have full-time nephrology experts available for consultations regarding any kidney issue.
Diabetic Kidney Disease
Protect your kidneys from the damaging effects of diabetes with a comprehensive treatment from our expert nephrologists.
Peritoneal Dialysis
Our team of trained nurses helps you receive dialysis in a safe, comfortable and hygienic manner
CKD Treatment
If you suffer from chronic kidney disease, our expert Nephrologists can help you overcome CKD and live a fulfilling life
Kidney Biopsy
Our in-house pathology team can help you come closer to a diagnosis by carrying out a kidney biopsy in a hygienic and safe manner
Renal Transplantation
Looking for expert renal transplant care? BKC offers end-to-end renal transplant options for patients with end-stage renal disease.
Receive a smooth and hassle-free haemodialysis procedure at our clinic with our trained technicians and nurses
If you are suffering from hypertension related kidney issues, our doctors will work with you to create a personalised treatment plan
Urology Services
Receive world-class treatment for all urology related issues, from kidney stones to transplantation
Hypertension Treatment
High blood pressure or hypertension is the most common condition around the world as more than one billion people live with it.
Treatment of Proteinuria
Proteinuria is a condition where there is significant protein leak in the urine.Normal healthy kidneys do not leak any protein .Any protein leak in the urine indicates kidney injury and should be thoroughly investigated. The more the protein leak in the urine the worse the kidney damage.
Diabetes Kidney Disease Management
Insulin is a hormone that regulates blood glucose and helps sugar to enter your cells for energy.
Arteriovenous Fistula Surgery
An AV fistula is a surgical connection made between an artery and a vein, created by a vascular specialist. An AV fistula is typically located in your arm.
Intensive care Dialysis
We  provide nephrology services to Intensive care on a 24/7 basis.Patients in intensive care are generally complex and will require specialized treatment .We provide specialized dialysis treatment in the ICU like SLED,CRRT
Acute kidney Injury Management
Acute Kidney injury is a condition where there is  sudden onset of loss in kidney function .It can be due to multiple reasons like infections like chest infections,urine infections etc. ,medications like pain killers,or any blockage to the urinary tract.
Dr. Kavitha Gone

Senior Nephrologist in Hyderabad & Transplant Physician


CCT (Nephrology, Dialysis, Renal Transplant)

Dr. Kavitha Gone is a Senior Consultant Nephrologist and Transplant physician at Bright Kidney Care Centre. After graduating from Osmania Medical College, Dr. Kavitha moved to England, United Kingdom (U.K.) and completed her further training in Nephrology and Transplantation.

Best Nephrologist in Hyderabad


Preventive, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Kidney Care Solutions

At Bright Kidney Center, we offer end-to-end expert care for all nephrology concerns. From chronic kidney diseases, dialysis to renal transplant, our team of best nephrologists in Hyderabad leverages decades of experience to successfully treat any type of kidney problem.

  • Reliable, precise and compassionate care
  • State-of-the-art Dialysis Unit
  • Technologically advanced Haemodialysis Unit
  • Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis and Automated Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Experts perform kidney biopsy to diagnose kidney disease
  • Nephrologists with immense experience and expertise monitor dialysis
  • Best kidney hospital in Hyderabad for all types of kidney diseases.
  • State-of-the-art dialysis facility with Fresenius haemodialysis machines

Best nephrologist in Hyderabad
Our Centre is Integrated with Modern Technology
Our Centre has the best nephrologist in Hyderabad India. They supervise and monitor dialysis process using well-integrated robust technological solutions to ensure smooth functioning of the procedure.

We believe in

High quality health care
Patient care and safety (Sterile conditions)
Transparency and accountability
Consistency in improvement
Health care innovation
Proven medical expertise meets compassion and care at the Bright Kidney Centre. We at BKC are patient centred, fair, collaborative, accountable and Innovative. Our vision is to make this centre the best for specialist kidney care treatment and integrated care in Hyderabad.
At Bright Kidney Centre – haemodialysis units are integrated with state-of-the-art technology and Fresenius haemodialysis machines. Haemodialysis is performed under the direct supervision of a highly qualified and dedicated
At Bright Kidney Centre, our expert nephrologists offer different options of dialysis based on the patient’s requirement and comfort – continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis and automated peritoneal dialysis.
Kidney Biopsy Facility: our experts perform a kidney biopsy to diagnose the cause of impaired kidney function, acute and chronic kidney disease with unknown cause and other kidney diseases (haematuria, proteinuria).
A kidney transplant is associated with a lower risk of complications, fewer dietary restrictions, and better quality of life and a low risk of death. Consult Dr Kavitha Gone, Consultant Nephrologist and Transplant Physician to learn more.
Effective Treatment
Best Dialysis Treatment in Hyderabad under the supervision of  a team of expert nephrologists.
Medical Excellence
Our nephrologists, urologists and kidney specialist are internationally trained with immense experience and expertise.
Technologically Advanced
Our centre is technologically advanced with Fresenius haemodialysis machines to provide advanced Treatment and emergency care.
Dialysis Cases
Qualified Staff
Satisfied Patients
Years Completed
Best kidney hospital in Hyderabad
Bright Kidney Centre is one of the best kidney specialist hospitals in Hyderabad because of the following reasons.

  • Right Expertise
  • Personalised Treatment
  • Best Kidney Hospital in Hyderabad has State-of-the-art Dialysis Facility

Right Expertise
We have the right expertise with the right skills to help you with your kidney care issues and give you right advice.
Personalised Treatment
We provide personalized treatment to achieve the best clinical outcomes.
Best Kidney Hospital in Hyderabad has State-of-the-art Dialysis Facility
We have a state-of-the-art haemodialysis unit which has been specially designed and integrated with robust, cutting-edge (modern) technology to meet the unique needs of those with chronic kidney disease.

Get in touch with our doctors at Bright Kidney Centre and get the best treatment.

What Our

We regularly discuss with patients and their families as well as staff, about their experiences and the care we provide and to discuss any concerns they may have. Where concerns are raised, we take action to deal with them quickly. check our Testimonials below

She is very polite and asked the details very clearly about the problem, and gives the best solution. She is best nephrologist in Hyderabad.
Vishnu VihaanKidney Patient
A wonderful human being. She is extremely down to earth and very humble in nature. Listens to you very patiently and examines you carefully.
D Nikhil Tej ReddyKidney Patient
Listen to us, Answer all questions. Diagnose the problem with required tests only. Prescribes required medicines only. Not writing unnecessary tests for money’s sake.
V .V.SatyavathKidney Patient
Blood in urine: To see blood in urine is a scary thing. Though it is harmless in many cases, in some cases, it may indicate a sign of serious illness.
By Dr. Kavitha Gone
September 18th, 2023
Frothy urine: Your urine appearance gives clues about your health – yes, it is a fact. Therefore, the next time when you notice any change in the co
By Dr. Kavitha Gone
September 10th, 2023
If you are the one who has this question in your mind – “Can My eGFR Get Better” then the best way you can get the answer to this question is to
By Dr. Kavitha Gone
August 26th, 2023
Koyyani Satish
Koyyani Satish
October 10, 2022.
Bhaskar Reddy A
Bhaskar Reddy A
October 1, 2022.
I was admitted with severe kidney problem at Bright kidney centre and was treated by Dr Kavitha ma'am She explained our condition very clearly and we very much liked her way of treatment.She explained everything about Medication and diet and our condition has improved with her treatment I would recommend Bright kidney centre especially consult Dr Kavitha for all kidney related conditions
sadirapu rajesh
sadirapu rajesh
September 30, 2022.
Dr Kavitha treats very well to the patients , dialysis department also extremely good, it was a cool place
Sampada G
Sampada G
September 30, 2022.
Very organised hospital in terms of dealing with regular dialysis and appointment. Highly appreciate the nurses in the hospital for giving personal attention and care... Nephrologist Kavitha is the best came across so far, highly recommend and quite in budget too for regular dialysis
Mohammed saad Uddin
Mohammed saad Uddin
September 29, 2022.
Bright Kidney Centre is neat and clean with excellent facilities and supportive staff.
September 29, 2022.
Believe me Bright Kidney Centre is the best Kidney Hospital and Dr. Kavitha is the top nephrologist – I am undergoing her treatment for the past several months – my symptoms have gone and health has improved a lot.
Taj Uddin
Taj Uddin
September 26, 2022.
Dr. Kavitha Gone is the best nephrologist in Hyderabad – When I met her for the first time and explained her about my symptoms – she suggested me to control my diabetes and high blood pressure. I am taking the prescribed medicines – now feeling much better than before.
Mohammed Taj uddin7
Mohammed Taj uddin7
September 26, 2022.
Don’t go anywhere else for undergoing costly dialysis treatment if you can get low-cost dialysis with quality service here at Bright Kidney Centre in Hyderabad.
ved prakash
ved prakash
September 26, 2022.
I have been dialysing for the last 7 years at Delhi. . And i have moved to hyderabad 4 months ago and I've been dialysing at bright kidney center for the last 4 months I have seen a significant improvement in my quality of dialysis and it my general health.. My hemoglobin and my blood pressure have much improved and I have reduced my medication.. I feel very active now. And able to walk long dustances. . And my appetite has improved a lot . Overall I'm generally feeling much better as compared to last 5 years.. I thank dr kavitha and team and bright kidney center for providing me with good quality dialysis.I would recommend bright kidney center for anyone with kidney disease or requires dialysis treatment..
MOHD - F A I Z - UDDIN فیض
MOHD - F A I Z - UDDIN فیض
September 25, 2022.
Believe me Bright Kidney Centre is the best Kidney Hospital and Dr. Kavitha is the top nephrologist – I am undergoing her treatment for the past several months – my symptoms have gone and health has improved a lot.