It’s very saddening to see young mothers presenting with kidney failure some of them requiring dialysis in their 30”s for a simple reason that they did not seek appropriate medical advice for their High blood pressure

It’s not uncommon to see young adults, 20-40 years of age present with High Blood pressure

High Blood pressure at this age is most commonly due to other causes like kidney problems, hormonal imbalances, heart related issues, obesity, excess alcohol intake.

Hypertension in Young adults

Please get your blood tests and urine tests to check your kidneys, if left untreated this can lead to kidney failure and may need dialysis

Pregnant women can also get High blood pressure and this can affect your and your baby’s health. Please continue to monitor Blood pressure and your kidneys even after your delivery.

For further detailed  information about hypertension and its effects and other information. Please visit our patient education section and for appointments call 9550588544 or reach us at [email protected]