Kidney Transplantation

Kidney Transplantation in Hyderabad at Bright Kidney Centre

Kidney Transplantation indications

Kidney transplantation is indicated when two kidneys do not function properly or completely loss the function to work properly. Human kidneys are major filters or blood purifiers. Their main function is filtration – i.e., to remove waste and harmful materials, nitrogenous salts from the blood by producing urine. If kidneys lose their filtering ability, waste materials and harmful levels of fluids accumulate in the body. Kidneys lose this function progressively resulting in end stage renal disease and kidney failure. When both the kidneys lose their 90% ability to function normally, end-stage kidney disease occurs.

Kidney transplantation causes

Polycystic kidney disease, chronic glomerulonephritis (scarring of the glomeruli (the tiny filters inside the kidneys), inflammation, chronic & uncontrolled high blood pressure and diabetes are the common causes of end-stage kidney disease.

Kidney Transplantation

Treatment for end-stage kidney disease

There are two options for people with end-stage kidney disease or chronic kidney disease to stay alive: 1. Kidney transplant 2. Dialysis (removal of waste from the bloodstream through a machine). The best treatment of choice for end-stage kidney disease (kidney failure) is kidney transplant.

It is a better – in fact, the best option for those who do not want to be on dialysis for lifetime. It will help you to live longer and feel better. However, all patients are not eligible for kidney transplantation – for some it may be not a good option.

Kidney transplant is associated with a lower risk of complications, fewer dietary restrictions, and better quality of life and low risk of death. Some people may also benefit from receiving a kidney transplant before needing to go on dialysis, a procedure known as preemptive kidney transplant.

Kidney transplantation in highly sensitized patients

People who are not suitable for a kidney transplant include people with cancer or recently undergone cancer treatment; heart patients; individuals with mental illness or dementia; alcohol or drug abusers. In addition, if an individual has undergone any other procedure or takes any medicines that interfere with the prevention of organ rejection.

A kidney transplant can deliver the best quality of life to people with end- stage renal failure (ESRF). The most obvious advantage of transplant to people with kidney failure is freedom from dialysis. If a transplant works well, dialysis becomes a thing of the past. There will be no particular fluid or dietary restrictions after a transplant. Most people who have a transplant feel better and have more energy than they did on dialysis. They are able to cope with a job and many find their lives improve.

Best Kidney transplant hospital in Hyderabad

At Bright Kidney Center, our team of transplant physicians will first check to see if kidney transplantation is a viable option for you. Patients with end stage kidney failure are considered to be suitable for transplant after a thorough assessment and investigations by our team of specialists’ doctors.

People who will probably not be considered suitable include those with serious heart disease, people with severe diabetic complications or who have recently had cancer. If you are a candidate for transplant, our renal transplant team will carry out extensive testing to check for any other medical issues.

Post the transplant, our team will closely monitor your health on various factors on a regular basis which will be for prolonged period of time to ensure you are managing well.

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