5 common ways people destroy their kidneys

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Kidneys are bean-shaped and reddish brown in color. Kidneys remove the waste from the body and filter waste from blood and expel it from the body through urine. Kidneys maintain the body’s electrolyte and fluid balance. Consult the best kidney specialist hospital in Hyderabad as they help you to control your blood pressure and will make sure your kidneys are working properly.

There are many things because of which people destroy their kidneys. People have to avoid a few things and restrict some foods to protect their kidneys. Visit the best kidney centre in  Miyapur and know if your kidneys are working properly or not. Most common ways people destroy their kidneys are by


Smoking is harmful for kidneys and increases the risk of narrowing of arteries that supply kidney and in turn reduces blood supply to kidneys.

Using painkillers

High dosage and long term use of painkillers  is one of the commonest causes of kidney disease as they reduce the blood flow of kidneys. Medicines should be used as prescribed by doctors. Visit the kidney specialist hospital in Hyderabad and the doctors will do regular checkup and make sure the drugs which you use are not hurting your kidneys.

Large amount of salt

Kidney specialist hospital in Hyderabad will help you with a proper diet as diets high in salt are high in sodium and increase blood pressure because of which it harms your kidneys. It’s a major risk factor for developing kidney disease and heart disease. High blood pressure increases the amount of protein in urine.

Drinking alcohol and cola beverages

Alcohol and cola beverages affect the kidneys and lead to kidney diseases. The more you drink the more likely you experience kidney damage. Alcohol regulates fluid and electrolytes in the body.

Eating processed food

Eating junk and fatty food regularly damages your kidneys. You need to restrict your dietary sodium, potassium and phosphorus intake. To know more about this, an appointment with the best kidney center in Miyapur will help you with the kidney problem and give you a healthy diet plan.