Diet for kidney stones

Bright Kidney Center, Kidney specialist hospital in Hyderabad will help you with the strict diet for kidney stones.

Kidney stones are solid crystals deposited in the kidney which can cause urine infections, blockage of the urinary tract and can also lead to kidney failure. If you have kidney stones, consult the best kidney Center in Miyapur and they’ll help you clear your doubts.

Some common symptoms of kidney stones are pain in the lower back, fever and chills, nausea or vomiting, blood in urine, smelly urine or burning sensation. If you notice any of these symptoms visit the best kidney specialist hospital in Hyderabad, they’ll help you deal with the problem.

Maintaining a healthy diet is very important. Kidney specialist hospital in Hyderabad will help you with the strict diet for kidney stones and also helps you with all the kidney related problems and chronic kidney disease treatment.

Drink plenty of water:

Stay hydrated. Water and fluids will help dilute the chemicals that form stones. Every day try to drink at least 12 glasses of water.

Eat Fruits and vegetables:

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is very helpful for people who are prone to kidney stones.

Have Citrus fruits:

Lemon, oranges and grapefruits are good sources of citrus. Citrus fruits and their juices will help you reduce or block the formation of stones.

Eat calcium rich foods:

Milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, legumes, dark green vegetables, nuts, and seeds are good sources of calcium. Eat a diet that is naturally rich in non-oxalate calcium instead of eating a low calcium diet as it increases the risk of developing kidneys.

Avoid foods that are high in salt and sugars. Limit the salt intake as it increases the amount of calcium in your body. Limit processed food, fast food, and packaged meat in your diet. Also limit eggs, cheese, beef, pork and fish.

Avoid alcohol and soft drinks. Alcohol increases the level of uric acid in your blood and cola is high in phosphate which promotes the formation of kidney stones. Foods to avoid are chocolates, beets, nuts, tea, sweet potatoes and spinach.

Always watch what you eat and drink as it helps to prevent you from getting kidney stones. You can book an appointment with the kidney specialist hospital in Hyderabad and get the best advice and a right diet plan from the doctors.